The Founder

Gyanodhayam Educational trust was founded by Guruji Jaikichenin in 2005.

Guruji’s aim is to teach through example, by living the life and walking the talk. He lives among us in a normal society and shows us through his life the way to handle the problems we face and still be happy and work towards bliss.

Born to a normal middle class family, Guruji completed his education in technology and has worked in various organizations in public and private enterprises. He leads a normal life like any present day normal person. Like any normal person, he is facing all the problems and life situations and gives solutions to handle the situations in order to live a happy life.

One can live in the forest or in an isolated place and can tell they have not been angry at anyone. They might think that they have not given trouble to anybody and nobody has troubled them. But living in isolation does not help the society. Solutions learn from such isolated persons cannot be used in day to day affairs.

So, Guruji has decided to live in society facing all the usual curves that life throws at us and to provide solutions for our problems. He wants to provide the morality and discipline that a normal person requires to lead a happy fulfilled life.