About US

Gyanodayam is a program that runs for once a week on either Saturday or Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm for a total of fourteen weeks leading to an honorable certification of participation and performance that will be duly administered by a set of dedicated and professional instructors whose primary role would be in the smooth facilitation of professionally executed movements of the body and mind in motion with the internal and external bliss of human structures.

Built around the purpose of good health happiness and joy of living, the program essentially takes the student through a journey of fulfillment in the areas of healthy and happy living that can be only attained through nutritious food habits that must show evidence of dietary science and uninterrupted sleep and regular exercise that will offer to the human life internal and external steadfastness, swift thoughts, actions, and beliefs which they eventually become of.

Flanked by the presence of the omnipresent Guru and armed with a dictionary of sublime thoughts about physique, food, exercise, mind, relationships, society, soul, guru, and God, the instructors will provide step by step guidance coaching and mentoring so that the message of the divine will sink deep into the souls of every student in pursuit of the cosmic truth. It is this truth that leads each and every individual to health, happiness, success and glory.

With the blessing and Love of divine Guru, every student and participant may fill his prsence in their nerves, his words in his hearts and his touch in his souls