Nanneri course:

Daily regular course
This course comprises simple Asanas, Meditation and Personality development

Gyana Sidhar Course
Duration: 3 months course Every Sunday 6 hrs class. This Gyana Sidhar course comprises of physical exercises, surya namaskar, asanas, meditation and kriyas which are covered through the following 9 topics in the syllabus:
  • Udal (Body)
  • Udal Payirchi (Excersises & asanas)
  • Unavu (Food)
  • Uravu (Relationships)
  • Uyir (Soul)
  • Ullam (Mind)
  • Uyar Unarvu (Higher feelings)
  • Uyar Thavam (Higher Meditation)
  • Unnadham (Bliss)
This is a very intensive course for the serious seekers and is life changing. Healthy diet restrictions is also apply. The course is normally for 10 to 15 students only to allow for one on one attention. Classes are offered at various locations in Tamil Nadu, Singapore and Malaysia.
Motivation Course
Duration: 6 months class. Every Sunday 6 hrs class. Min qualification for the course is to complete 3 months Gyana Sidhar course. This motivation course comprises of 6 theory and 5 practical assignments. Theory Subjects:
  • Udal Gyanam
  • Unavu Gyanam
  • Mana Guna Gyanam
  • Podhu Gyanam
  • Thava Gyanam
  • Guru GYanam Practical Subjects:
  • Exercise , Surya Namaskar and Asanas
  • Internal Practical test Report
  • Aura Test
  • Flame Test
  • Viva
Classes are offered at various locations in Tamil Nadu, Singapore and Malaysia.
Teacher Training

Yearly twice.

Total four days.

Minimum qualification is to complete the motivation course. Discussion and rewarming test will be conducted yearly once.

Gurus Training

Minimum qualification is to be a Teacher and voted by other teachers.

Course comprises of 108 assignments (like Bakthi yoga, Karma yoga, Gyana Yoga…)  One who completes 108 assignments and voted unanimously can be selected as a “Guru”