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About Founder

Gyanodhayam Educational trust was founded by Guruji Jaikichenin in 2005. Guruji’s aim is to teach through example, by living the life and walking the talk. He lives among us in a normal society and shows us through his life the way to handle the problems we face and still be happy and work towards bliss.

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Mission to Enlighten the Mankind.
– To Learn How to Live Happily.
– Learn Yoga, Meditation, Arts, Science & Spirituality.

 Swimming is difficult until you know how to swim. Problems are difficult, until you know how to handle them ” – Jai Guru Ji

Our services

Gyanodhayam is a branch of Navayugam Trust for spiritual development all around the world.

Nanneri Course:

This course focusses on Physical Exercises, Simple Asanas, Meditation and Personality Development. Duration: Daily Basis

Gyana Sidhar Course:

Gyana Sidhar course covers 9 important topics such as Body, Physical Excersises, Food, Relationships, Soul, Mind, Higher Sensations, Higher Meditation, Bliss. Duration: 3 months

Motivation Course:

Motivation course is to get a deeper understanding of the topics and apply it in day-to-day life. This motivation course also includes 6 theory and 5 practical assignments. Duration: 6 months

Teacher Training:

Presentation of material covered in Gyana Sidhar course and Motivation course is a main part of the syllabus. Students are also tested on these topics for understanding and ability to explain the concepts in theory and practical life experiences.

Gurus Training:

Course comprises of 108 assignments (like Bakthi yoga, Karma yoga, Gyana Yoga…) and graded by Jai Guruji.

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